Steeping E liquid.

Is it worth trying to rush your E liquid ?

Steeping E liquid

There is so much that can be said about Flavour and Steeping E liquid a lot is down to personal taste. This usually means just simply mixing the E-Liquid and allowing it to sit for a period of time, each flavour will come with a recommended time to steep the product.

Why should you Steep E liquid ? Well Eliquid is made from 3 primary ingredients, PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and flavourings. Flavourings are most commonly suspended in a PG solution.

Steeping E liquid at it’s lowest level is called homogenisation which is when all of the different elements of the E liquid are distributed uniformly throughout the liquid. However this shouldn’t be a science lesson and everything we do is carefully thought out and planned to make your life as easy as possible. Creating a quality vape simply.

Most Eliquids are quite clear when mixed, however some can change to a darker colour over time. This is quite normal, Especially when you have added Nicotine to your Eliquid! Nicotine oxidizes once it has come into contact with Heat, Light and Oxygen once this happens the Nicotine in your eliquid will turn a yellow, to brown colour. This is quite normal and as soon as the Nicotine is exposed to any of those elements the process starts. Some people see this as a sign of steeping, this isn’t the case. It’s often good practice to Steep your Eliquid in a dark place.

Other things to bear in mind are

Custards and Complex Dessert Flavours

Will take longer to steep, pretty much Steeping E liquid that contains custards, creams or vanilla will take longer than

Fruits and Menthol

Which won’t require much, if any, steeping before use. Many of these flavourings react poorly to breathing (Leaving the lid off for long periods of time Hours not minutes!), and can lose flavour when this is done for too long. Occasionally fruit flavours can separate and this is fine and quite normal Just shake your bottle vigorously before use and use as normal. Some fruit flavours come naturally coloured some are completely clear.