What is One Shot E-Liquid.

Mix your own e-liquid with One Shot Vape.

What is a One Shot?

A One Shot is to put it simply bottle containing the recommended % of the flavour (which is PG based) and PG. For example a 1 Litre One Shot will contain 300ML of liquid. This enables you to create a 70/30 E liquid with no tools or equipment.

The bottle is sized by the target amount, (1 Litre comes in a 1 Litre bottle. containing 300ML) meaning you will be able to mix your e-liquid straight in the bottle, so there is no need for extra bottles and mess.

If you use Nicotine add this first, we do provide you with a guide on this, to find out the correct values. Simply add your desired nicotine strength, then fill the bottle to the neck with VG (Sold here.)


You purchase a 1000ML One Shot of Blue Slush, if you were to use the NIC Shots we sell rather than your own 72MG Nicotine it would work out as :

  • Blue Slush One Shot Eliquid
  • Desired nicotine Strength of 3mg

You will need: 

  • Blue Slush One Shot E liquid (300ML PG & PG Based flavourings combined)
  • 20 x 18MG NIC Shots Which are VG Based.
  • 500ML of Vegetable Glycerine ( VG )

Simply add your Nicotine Shots to the bottle then your VG, shake and let it steep if you wish. That’s all there is to it!